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…And apparently our shower is haunted. Returning to our room after being gone at least 2 hours, I was organizing my toiletries bag, but had not done anything water related when suddenly the shower started running… After 15 seconds I reached over and turned the knob on and then off. Continued to run for another 10 seconds. Don’t think this will diminish my love of the cooling rain water shower head in this muggy area, though. The ghosties picked the wrong sister, if that was their intent. It’s my youngest sister who has supernatural fears. Heck, spirits causing malfunctioning plumbing is basically my day job. *smile* (I manage a sewer & drainage company). Although, had the spirits chosen a “little kid ghost,” a la The Ring or other early 2000’s Asian horror films, you’d probably be hearing my screams all the way back in the States. Ha.

In truth, pretty sure a neighbor was showering and their plumbing is connected. But where’s the fun in that?!?

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