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A pitcher of sangria on a rooftop in Quito,  providing 360* view as the sun sets… Pretty perfect way to say goodbye.  (of course we still have 1.5hr taxi to the airport and then 20 hours over 3 flights until we’re back,  but that’s not as romantic a telling).

It remains true that the local supermarket is one of the best places to shop for prizes/souvenirs.  Hope y’all enjoy South American candies and snacks.  🙂

Today we made the trek out to the Mitad del Mundo to see the Equator.  Stood with one foot in each hemisphere.  Etc.  This is the equator as marked in the 1700’s. In the last 30 years they’ve located the official spot a few kilometers away,  but this one has the giant statue and all the tourist stuff. If it was close enough for the 18th century,  it’s close enough for me.  (A sentiment I’ve rarely thought,  actually.)


Of course our only sunny day at the beach in Montanita was the morning we were leaving.  Ah, well.  It was still generally 80*and the ocean.  As a kid who grew up on the OR/WA coast, this was luxury enough.  Also, happily the dance party music until 7am is less of an issue on Sun and Mon nights.  So we got some sleep.  Although the mosquitoes ate me alive.  And I’d so happily left my big spray and mosquito net at the bag in  Quito,  not thinking I’d need it after the Amazon trip. D’oh. So itchy!!!

Here’s some wisdom, after a long fruitless airport search for a bottle of Fiora (local soda, in strawberry or apple flavor, of course owned by coca cola now). You’ve gotta enjoy each bottle of non-traditionally flavored soda like it’s your last, because it just might be. *smile* Totally had thought I could grab a final one at the airport. Darn.

Thing I am looking forward to (besides the obvious friends, family, dog & cat, and my beloved mattress): potable water. I try to always be conscious of how lucky we are to be able to turn on a tap and drink. But after 17 days, I’m excited to no longer have to brush my teeth with bottled water.

Oh no. My phone battery is almost dead and my genius self put the charger in her checked bag. And so that’s one way to get me to write a shorter post. 😛

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