Rainy Oregon Coast: January 2024


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Spent two of the Rainiest days ever at one of my favorite places, Cannon Beach on the Oregon Coast.

And being the Pacific Northwest, even though it was soggy so often, we’d have breaks of 10-20 min, allowing for some lovely views The dog was unimpressed by the bad weather, often looking back at me, seemingly asking me WHY we were out in this miserable windy rain. But then weather would lighten, and she’d once again revel in all the fun smells and trying to chase seabirds while on leash.

On our second day, exploring a relatively isolated beach area near Manzanita, two dogs and their owners are exploring off leash. These pups seem a perfect energy match for Tilly. They’re playing nicely and excitedly with her still on the leash. And so i relent, and allow the dog some freedom to go play her favorite game in the world: chase!! And for 5 minutes they’re having the best time ever ever ever. Then Tilly veers off and dives face first into the seagrass, and proudly emerges with a dead seagull carcass in her mouth! I yell “Oh God!” And “Drop it!” As Tilly starts playing keep away & using the dead thing as chase-enticement. She rushes up to me, and shakes the carcass so vigorously that feathers and bits of dead bird go flying EVERYWHERE… including into my mouth! Oh my god! I may NEVER stop internally screaming.Back onto the leash and back to the car, me sputtering and grossed out to the max! Happily I’d recently been to the dentist, so had the small free sample mouth wash in the car. So Much Gargling! (Glad to have this option, as i might’ve started considering the hand sanitizer). Ugh. Convincing myself it was just a tiny bit of feather, because that’s the least worse of the options. *Shudder*

I then proceeded to text many pals the story, beginning “So if i die, know this is why.” Reactions were appropriate. Lots of laughter and commiseration and some shared gagging. Ack!! (Worth noting that only a small percentage of those I texted did a Proof of Life check in the next day. To them, many thanks. To everyone else, I see how it is. *Side eye*)

Hope Tilly truly enjoyed the beach chase game to its full potential, because she will never be off leash again!!!! Never ever!! The next day on the beach, walking past different sea grass that must also have been hiding dead things/wonderful stinky smells, dog did her best to convince me to let her off leash again. But couldn’t conceal the CRAZY in her eyes. Ha.

And then proceeded to gloriously roll on her back in what was assuredly a Stinky Spot on the beach. The joys of Dog Life.

*Laughs* Despite this HORRIFIC experience, the rest of the trip was very nice. Cozy reading time by the fire place, lots of damp beach walks and some park hikes. As a lifelong Pacific Northwest kid, I knew to pack TWO rain jackets, because often one is still sodden when it’s time to go outside again. Three cheers for a Black Friday sale offering an awesome mid-week rate in January that allowed for such fun adventures. And for a glorious 25 minutes of actual sunshine our final morning!

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