Belated Post: Saying Goodbye: Family Memory trip to Cannon Beach: February 2020


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A few months after our parents had passed, we had planned a family roadtrip to one of their favorite places: Cannon Beach, Oregon. All the kids, grandkids, and great grandkids made arrangements to meet up in town. It was a really lovely weekend. Sad at times, of course. But also lots of great memories (past memories shared and new memories created). Visiting Hug Point beach at low tide, which always feels extra magical, as you can explore past the waterfall to find extra, more secret beach areas. It was cold (high 30’s and low 40’s) and even started snowing our first day! But when we met up to visit Hug Point, the sun unexpectedly came out, and the weather was glorious (but still chilly!!). Didn’t stop some of the youngest from dunking themselves in the freezing ocean and proclaiming they weren’t cold. Ha! We’d been down there almost 10 years earlier in a giant family group, to celebrate dad’s 70th birthday. So it felt extra fitting to return. The little kids were now adults. And there were brand new little kids along. And the covid-19 news was just starting up, a few isolated cases in Kirkland and British Columbia. Still weeks away from learning more truths about our new reality and entering statewide lockdown. So grateful we got this time to gather, share pizza, play board games, explore the beaches, share memories and tears and laughter and teasing. And then, especially during those first months of lockdown, extra grateful to have this recent memory of gathered family and love. And now, some photos

Obligatory roadtrip food stop
Pretty amazing view
Glorious weather
“Not cold!!”
Reagan called me a narcissist for playing with her super reflective sunglasses

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