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James, a lovely British chap who stayed at the Sani Eco Lodge the same time as us, has just edited/uploaded a video of his travels in Ecuador. The first portion is all shared experiences, and brings back some amazing memories of how flipping gorgeous it was riding in canoes at sunset on Amazonian tributaries. Plus, you can catch glimpses of myself and Erin, including lots of shots of the back of my head (as James sat behind me on the canoe).  It’s not a view one often gets of ones self. *smile*

At 6 minute mark you get to see the troupe of monkeys jumping through the trees! (Avid blog readers will remember this was my first Monkey sighting of the trip)

After the Sani Lodge, James, his wife Remi, and his folks headed off to the Galapagos, and the shots of them snorkeling with sea lions are truly magical.

Please to enjoy:

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