“Heathers: The Musical” Day trip to Vancouver, BC. Feb 2016


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I’d thought to limit posts to travel adventures where I at least spent the night somewhere. Then I realized this is my silly site, and I can do with it what I like. A 14 hour trip that requires a passport seems to qualify. Plus, the show Heathers: The Musical is so much fun! You can listen to the entire cast recording on their official youtube channel here: Heathers Cast Recording

This last minute roadtrip is all thanks to my pal Joseph in NYC. We were nerding out over “Hamilton” and Joseph asked me if I’d heard about “Heathers” during its off Broadway run last year. I had not, but admitted to a fond nostalgia for the film (although I hadn’t seen the movie since high school). “We saw it in its Off B’Way run a couple of times and, when it closed, were hoping it was in preparation for a transfer that never happened. The explosion of regional, and professional, and even ACTUAL HIGH SCHOOL productions suggests that it won’t be coming to Broadway this year. BUT it means that it is organically growing and maturing as a work so if it ever DOES hit B’way, it will be as a revival that has a history and a community extending far beyond the B’way production itself. In the mean time, I suggest YOU take the trip to BC this week! http://thecultch.com/events/heathers-the-musical/ ” Based upon his recommendation, I sent out the tweet: So who’s got a passport & wants to join me in roadtrip to Vancouver BC next weekend to see “Heathers the Musical”? NYC pal raves about it.

My pal Heather jumped at the invitation. I love that my pals are so willing to take last minute ventures into the semi-unknown. Also, ya know, her name is Heather! BONUS for our trip: the Canadian dollar was only worth $0.70 USD at the time. So it was a really discounted adventure, too. It was just a lovely day. Left early on a stormy Saturday morning. The border wait was about 30 minutes, which isn’t bad (although the freeway billboard had advertised <5 minutes, so I felt scammed). Then into the wilds of Canada. Grabbed brunch at Havana because they offer 15% discount for those with Cultch theatre tickets. I was wary, as most of the Seattle theatre restaurant partners tend to be more mediocre restaurants, but it was fantastic. And the vibe was wonderful, too. Definitely a place I’d go to regularly if I lived in town. And with the currency conversion and 15% discount, it was a screaming deal.

Cultch Vancouver

The show itself was such great fun. A full cast of young, diverse, and earnest actors, making the most out of their space and limited set pieces. I was humming “Dead Girl Walking” all weekend. And it was wonderful to get to see this show, as the cast recording is only part of it, obviously. It’s very funny, and has several memorable songs. Also, Devon Busswood, who had wowed us in “Dogfight” at ArtsWest in Seattle last year, was in the show. Fun to see her again. Plus, SHOUTOUT to the actor playing Ram for his choice to have a different memorable walk/physicality every time he exits the stage (which happens often). I’m still laughing about it two weeks later. And the guy playing J.D., well the “long-swoopy-Christian-Slater-bangs & trench-coat-swagger” clearly triggered memories of junior high crushes. *laughs* The show also has lots of sexual content (there’s an entire song/ode to blue balls, or the alleviation of same). (The fact that an actual high school in NY is performing this, that’s pretty dang cool). I mean, three of the actors, after being murdered, are onstage in just their underwear for the rest of the show, which requires a pretty confident actor. Bravo to this crew and cast for managing to keep everyone’s mic packs secure, especially when they’re only wearing undies.


After, we drove around a bit, enjoying the nighttime cityscape. Then off to another tasty meal, this time at The Whip. After our meal, the rains returned and we began our long rainy drive back to Seattle. Inspired, I decided I needed to watch Heather the movie. Happily it was on Netflix streaming. However, it does NOT hold up as well as I’d have guessed. This musical adaptation has successfully grabbed the soul and wonderful gems and outlines from the film, and updated it perfectly. Making better and more interesting choices, and creating a much greater show than the film. Most notably, beginning BEFORE Veronica has joined ‘The Heathers’ clique, and combining the characters of Martha Dunnstock and Veronica’s nerdy friend into one.

I am hopeful one of the Seattle theatres will do a production soon. (This would’ve been perfect for Balagan Theatre. RIP. But maybe ArtsWest will pick it up?). We’ll definitely go see it, probably more than once.

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