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Tracy and Lizz at LAXHaving a discussion with LAX bartender about personal responsibility. He explains that, should he over serve someone, he has liability for their actions. Then, in what can only be seen as some type of sobriety/ judgment test, he says, “So why don’t you girls race out onto the tarmac and see who can get the farthest?”

In other news, getting up at 3am is too damn early, LAX’s terminals under construction make maneuvering a nightmare (good thing we have 4 hours as we had to fully exit, walk several blocks, then go through security again), and I’m dreading our next flight….11 hours!! But I’m being very grateful that we’ve only got west coast connections. We had a moment of silence for everyone having their travels disrupted through the freezing conditions. Lame. *fingers crossed*

I asked Lizz if she wanted to add a comment to this update. She gave the peace sign. *smile*

Sooooo sleepy….still, Irish adventure is only 18 hours away now.

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