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Some observations:

There is an commercial with two astronauts dancing on the moon. I swear they are singing “boom boom on the moon.” If you can find it online, the jingle is super catchy. Now that I’m back home, here is the link:

Produce vendors through out Ecuador tend to create amazing towers and pyramids with their fruit and veg. Haven’t found an unobtrusive way to photograph it yet, but I’m enjoying it immensely.

Cuenca is a very cool city. Great graffiti art. Lovely river to walk along. Actually the whole city is very walkable, with architecture spanning at least 5 centuries. And while I know it’s the wrong country, many ornate balconies perfect for Evita to address her people.

I’ll never understand bathroom designers who set up the toilet facing the mirror. Is this a view many people are seeking?Skyline

The view of the red rooftops of the city’s old Town from our hotel room is great. Gonna send a phone photo of the display from my camera to be uploaded here. Quality is probably terrible but gives an idea. And also a photo from this afternoon where the fog is so thick, you can’t see any of the surrounding mountains. PS. No photos yet? Check back in 24 hours

other skyline

Ha! Erin, looking out the window, just asked, “Holy cow! Is that a real nun or a nun statue?” Turns out it’s a statue in the schoolyard.

Saw three young priests in their cassocks walking down the street eating ice cream cones. Very endearing.

Explored the Pumapungo (sp ?) Incan ruins in town. And there were llamas!!!! Great way to keep the lawn mown, especially considering all the steep hillsides. I’m also including a fuzzy photo of my new best friend. Please to choose the llama-related meme of your generation (llama llama duck song. Or Monty Python sketch. You can find both online easily) .


If you don’t put up the “do not disturb” sign, hotel staff will pound on your door at 7:00am and offer you a cup of coffee when you finally see what’s going on.

Cuenca has some unusually attractive pigeons. Lots of unusual colorings, including white heads, some blue greens, and lovely shades of brown mixed in with more standard shades of grey pigeons. Plus, haven’t noticed any with the messed up feet many Seattle pigeons possess.

Also, hoping this doesn’t make me a bad person, but I was a tad sad that my housekeeping gratuities have not caused them to leave us any more of the tasty coffee/chocolate “welcome” truffles left for us the 1st night. I mean, it’s not a bribe. I always tip housekeeping well and don’t expect anything special in return. But I did have some truffle shaped hopes that were dashed this afternoon. Guess we’ll have to console ourselves with gelato.

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