In the immortal words of Hannibal from The A-Team, “I love it when a plan comes together.”


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Have a blast! Sleep on the planes and in the airports. I have a feeling you'll do a lot of that.
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544px-Flag-map_of_Ecuador.svg3 days before I depart for Ecuador and a wistful offhand comment to my sister about a travel blog results in this beautiful thing. I’m tickled beyond words, but you’ll likely NOT be surprised that that won’t stop me from writing something. *laughs* I’m in last-minute panic mode, where my excitement and anxiety have merged into a fairly constant high-pitched “eeeeeeeeee” noise in my brain. And now, presented with this lovely blog, I’m frozen. (Oh lordy, now that awful One Direction song is stuck in my head. ). If I were serious about “driving traffic” here (which I’m not), I’d have included “Let it Go” from Frozen, rather than One Direction. I mean, the One Direction guys still have a dedicated tween following, but “Frozen” somehow took over the entire universe. I digress. Which will happen constantly. Consider yourself warned.

In years past, during many of my travel adventures, I’ve emailed short journal updates home. (Now I’m sure some family and pals are scoffing at my use of “short” there. And they may be right *smile*). In any case, for this trip my hope is to use this site to share snippets of our journey.

It will be a learning process, as I’ve no real experience with WordPress, and it will be often dependent upon internet access and our schedule. Although the Sani Lodge in Yasuni National Park in the Amazon Rain Forest (so many capital letters!!) says they have Wi-Fi, which blows my mind. Oh my goodness, guys. The lodge just updated their website this week. It looks super sharp and fancy now. Here, check it out:

Posts will probably be mostly text, as I really prefer to edit my photos before posting them, and don’t want to spend that much time in front of a computer while on my travels.

P.S. If this were my old geocities site, The A-Team’s theme song midi would be on auto-play in the background. Here, to wet your metaphorical whistle,




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